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Team-Nicole Stejskal

CO-Director since 2012. Responsible for projects in Africa.

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Works for CO-OPERAID since 2005. Responsibe for projects in Asia.

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Head of public fundraising since 2017.

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Ignaz Rieser

Dr. Ignaz Rieser (since 2019), Business Economist. Career at University of Basel and HWV Luzern. Director at HWV Basel. Expert and Project leader for DEZA and Swisscontact in Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal and Kosovo.

«CO-OPERAID’s education projects are small but powerful. They offer children and adolescents the unique chance to live a self-determined life in dignity.»


Laurence Treceño (since 2019), Graphic Designer. Education at the School of Arts in Lausanne (ECAL). Self-employed occupation as Art Director. Activist, Co-founder and board member of aid agencies for street children in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as well as a NGO in Pakistan.

«Little streams make a mighty river!»

Christoph Dill

Christoph Dill (since 2019), Mentor. Career as Merchant, Gastronome, Copy Writer, self-employed Communication Consultant and Entrepreneur. Many years of experience managing NGO’s. Current focus: Social Media activist, Fotographer, Columnist and Creation Trainer.

«Success seldom comes by itself. Let’s team up!»

Beat Vogel

Beat Vogel (since 2019), Business Data Processing Specialist, Software Developer, Data Base Manager at Greenpeace, Consultancy of NPO’s in Data Base Fundraising as a Freelancer.

«CO-OPERAID is a small and agile Organization, that advocates for children’s right to education efficiently and non-bureaucratically.»

Urs Vögeli

Urs Vögeli (since 2019), lawyer.
Study at Zurich University, certificate of admission to the bar in Zurich. Worked from 1990-2019 in his own lawyer's office.

«CO-OPERAID's work in the field of education for children and youth appeals to me. I want to contribute to it within the team.»

Virginie von Muralt

Virginie von Muralt (since 2019), Senior Analyst/Financial Controller.
Professional experience in several departments of financial controlling. Analysis and conception, process optimization.

«Gladly I contribute for families and children who live in a less privileged situation than we in Switzerland do.»


Marianna Cogliano

Marianna Cogliano, fundraiser for Ticino and Italy.

Irina Kisseloff, freiwillige Mitarbeiterin

Irina Kisseloff, volunteer for administration.

Tinna Mittal

Bookkeeping and Finances

Translation in French

Translation in English.

Partner organisations in the project countries


Community Empowerment for Rural Development (CEFORD) was founded in 2000 as a national registered Non-Profit-Organisation. CEFORD is active in eight districts of the West Nile in Uganda. The focus areas include:

  • Primary Education
  • Community Development
  • Community health
  • Agriculture
  • Organizational development for local NGOs and CBOs

Project links: Salongo / Aradu Pi Fur


SOFDEC was founded and registered in October 2006 as an independent Cambodian NGO. SOFDEC’s aim is to improve the livelihood of the residents of the rural areas in Kampong Chhnang province through income generating activities (IGAs), environmentally friendly agricultural methods, microfinance, development of personal resources, and the sustainable use of natural resources. The participation of local communities is crucial for the work of SOFDEC.

Project links: Vieng Vey / Tepkosal


Association for Rural Mobilisation and Improvement (ARMI) is a Non Profit Association (NPA), registered under the Ministry of Home Affairs since 2012. ARMI aims to contribute to a society that offers a future of well-being for all ethnic groups, based on equal rights, mutual respect, shared resources and opportunities, and care for the environment.

ARMI works in mainly in the south of Laos in Khammouane Province, Savannakhet province and Champasak province. The organisation partners with several international charities. ARMI has a rich experience in food security and lifelihood improvement. In order to create a holistic impact (reach the sustainable development goals) ARMI aims to integrate education projects. This lead to the partnership with CO-OPERAID since 2019.


Project link: Honghian Ban Hao

Laos NPA Sengsavang Team

Sengsavang aims to provide protection and assistance to victims and girls at risk of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Laos. In order to allow a sustainable community reintegration, Sengsavang provides holistic care and recovery for those rescued, by offering education, vocational training and business support. Sengsavangs activities also include prevention and awareness raising, advocacy and campaigning as well as representation and participation in women's issues at national and international forums.


Project link: Okad Tisong

Team Child Rescue Kenya

Child Rescue Kenya (CRK) is a community based organisation, registered in Kitale, Trans-Nzoia County, Kenya in 2011. CRK Kenya is a non-profit NGO. In 1988, the first organisation was established as a division of the International Childcare Trust (ICT), later becoming a local NGO of the same. In 2003 the NGO changed its name to Child Rescue Kenya and moved away from its traditional role of 'charity' to development facilitator. CRK supports youth since then with social services, guidance and financial support. CRK is registered with the Department of Social Services in Kenya and the projects are registered with the Ministry of Gender and Children Affairs.

Project link: Ujuzi Kwa Vijana

Humanitarian Foundation, Bangladesh

Humanitarian Foundation (HF) is an indigenous development organization established in 1999. The founders - Moung Moung Shing Marma, Amar Chakma and Abraham Tripura - formed the organisation to empower the poor particularly the indigenous peoples for self-reliance, oppose discrimination and exploitation in their life from the perspective of land, culture, heritage and rights of identity. Since its inception, HF has been implementing different kind of development activities in Bandarban Hill District for the social and economic development of the poor. HF's work is located in Bandarban District mainly - one of the least developed parts of Bangladesh. The partnership of HF and CO-OPERAID goes back to 2009. HF received the national «Independent Award» in 2012 for its work for the education for indigenous children.


Project links: Rowa Kyang / Alusama Froi

Ananya Kallyan Songathon Team

Ananya Kallyan Sangathon (AKS) is one of the pioneer organisation in Bandarban focusing on women’s rights. AKS is a woman led, woman managed, non-political development organisation that was established on May 2, 1997. AKS is a human rights based organisation with a holistic commitment to the marginalised and disadvantaged people from the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT). The main aim of the organisation is to «establish and empower poor and vulnerable aborigine people, especially the women and children in the hill tribe societies». The mission of AKS is to make them aware, capable and self-reliant through capacity building. AKS works at grassroots level with disadvantaged communities. Its projects address Gender based violence (GBV; physical and structural) and other urgent social topics:

  • Legal support to victim children and women
  • CHT Indigenous woman rights in customary law
  • Project on innovative and sustainable rehabilitation and reintegration assistance to GBV-victims in the CHT
  • Violence against women - Training, Empowerment, Skill development and Networking Program
  • Promotion of Child Rights in the CHT
  • Hilly Women Ethnic Rights Promotion Project

Project link: Dakkha Nari