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Team-Nicole Stejskal

Co-Director since 2012. Responsible for several projects in Africa and Asia.

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Works for CO-OPERAID since 2005. Responsible for several projects in Africa and Asia.

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Since October 2020, Rashid Abed works in the institutional fundraising and as a project manager.

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Sabine Eisenegger

Since August 2022, Sabine Eisenegger works in the institutional fundraising.

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Réka Fall Profil

Works for CO-OPERAID since 2022.

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Ignaz Rieser

Dr. Ignaz Rieser (since 2019), Business Economist. Career at University of Basel and HWV Luzern. Director at HWV Basel. Expert and Project leader for DEZA and Swisscontact in Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal and Kosovo.

«CO-OPERAID’s education projects are small but powerful. They offer children and adolescents the unique chance to live a self-determined life in dignity.»


Laurence Treceño (since 2019), Graphic Designer. Education at the School of Arts in Lausanne (ECAL). Self-employed occupation as Art Director. Activist, Co-founder and board member of aid agencies for street children in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as well as a NGO in Pakistan.

«Little streams make a mighty river!»

Her art work can be found here:

Christoph Dill

Christoph Dill (since 2019), Mentor.
Career as Merchant, Gastronome, Copy Writer, self-employed Communication Consultant and Entrepreneur. Many years of experience managing NGO’s. Current focus: Social Media activist, Photographer, Columnist and Creation Trainer.

«Success seldom comes by itself. Let’s team up!»

Urs Vögeli

Urs Vögeli (since 2019), lawyer.
Study at Zurich University, certificate of admission to the bar in Zurich. Worked from 1990-2019 in his own lawyer's office.

«CO-OPERAID's work in the field of education for children and youth appeals to me. I want to contribute to it within the team.»

Virginie von Muralt

Virginie von Muralt (since 2019), Senior Analyst/Financial Controller.
Professional experience in several departments of financial controlling. Analysis and conception, process optimization.

«Gladly I contribute for families and children who live in a less privileged situation than we in Switzerland do.»


Ignaz Rieser

Dr. Ignaz Rieser, manager of the project «Ujuzi Kwa Vijana» in Kenya

Petra Wiesler

Petra Wiesler, volunteer for administration.

Laurence Treceño

Vice-president Laurence Treceño also supports CO-OPERAID as a volunteer for graphics (mailings, annual report, other publications).

Her art work can be found here:

Elisabeth Postle, freiwillige Mitarbeiterin

Translations to English.

Serika Ramlall, CO-OPERAID volunteer

Serika Ramlall supports CO-OPERAID as a volunteer in the field of project research and analysis. She studied at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva.

Juliane Taffé, Übersetzungen

Translations to French.

Translations to French.

Liliane Waldner Mukono Uganda

Liliane Waldner was one of the first board members and later became the president of CO-OPERAID. Today she is a courageous fighter against Multiple Sclerosis who inspires others.

Dr. Rao Satapati, Projektbesuch Philippinen 2011

Dr. Rao Satapati was the first director of CO-OPERAID, after it left the InterAid network. He stayed in charge from 1995-2012 and established the organisation in Switzerland.

The paediatrician Marie Meierhofer († 15. August 1998 in Unterägeri) created a concept for the support of aids orphans that served CO-OPERAID as a theoretical guideline for its work in Uganda. Until about 2010, the support for aids orphans was in focus of CO-OPERAID's work in different parts of Uganda.