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All children should have the opportunity to learn, play and develop their talents. Education is a basic requirement for the development of individuals and society as a whole, as it enables children to live independent and self-determined lives.

CO-OPERAID is committed to children’s right to education. We support the schooling and vocational education of children, teenagers and young adults in Africa and Asia. The beneficiaries of our projects come from poor farming families, families with orphans, and vulnerable children with sick, aged or single breadwinners, or they belong to ethnic minorities. Our vision is to provide all of them with a good quality basic education. Our goals are based on children’s universal right to education, as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and several other international covenants.

CO-OPERAID realises cooperative aid projects. In our project countries we work in close collaboration with local relief agencies, representatives of the communities involved, and educational authorities. Together, we define the framework conditions, goals, and timetable of the projects. CO-OPERAID employees stay in close contact with the stakeholders and visit each project at least once a year in person to ensure that the project goals are being achieved.

CO-OPERAID sponsors holistic aid projects. Our projects focus on education. We support the development of a better, children-friendly school infrastructure, good school equipment and modern educational methods. We also promote better school management and the involvement of parents. At the same time, we aim to improve the life of the entire community through income projects for very poor families and sensitisation campaigns for topics like HIV/Aids, family planning, and gender roles.

CO-OPERAID is a non-profit organisation with many years of experience. We are a politically and confessionally independent, humanitarian Swiss association with our headquarters in Zurich. The association was founded in 1981 as part of the US organisation InterAid International. In 1996 CO-OPERAID became independent. Since 1998 the association has carried the ZEWO seal of approval for charitable organisations.

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