CO-OPERAID sponsorship for education

Kambodscha Schulprojekt CO-OPERAID

CO-OPERAID sponsorship for education

Your contribution to effective, sustainable aid in Africa and Asia

Your sponsorship is a regular donation - monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. CO-OPERAID recommends an annual contribution of CHF 600 (CHF 50/month). This corresponds to about CHF 1.60 per day. In many places, this is the poverty line below which far too many people still have to live. Your sponsorship helps the supported families to overcome this line. However, the sponsorship contribution is flexible and can be adapted to your needs (e.g. students, retired). The minimum contribution per year is CHF 360.- (CHF 90.-/quarterly).

Heidi Süess

«Many years ago, I decided to support less fortunate children. I am convinced that through the unbureaucratic organization of CO-OPERAID the financial means are used optimally.»

H. Süess

«I did not want to support a huge relief organization and individual sponsorships, but schools and training centers. I read the project reports with interest and a good feeling.»

S. Felber

«Your sponsorship donation is used for the project work, but also enables the work of the CO-OPERAID team in Switzerland to secure funding for the projects. Your donation is thereby quintupled.»

Tom Hofer, responsible sponsorships

With a sponsorship you agree to support CO-OPERAID and its aid projects regularly with a certain amount of your choice. Usually, a sponsorship is CHF 1.60 per day or CHF 600 per year. Donations, on the other hand, are one-time or irregular. As a sponsor you will receive an annual report on the progress of the project work, together with direct feedback from a project, for example a child's drawing or a letter.

No. Taking on a sponsorship does not create a contract - your sponsorship payment remains a voluntary donation. However, the fact that you pledge it in advance is important for our planning. The financing of project services is secured and the work of the CO-OPERAID team in Switzerland to mobilize further funding is supported. This increases the amount available for the project fivefold on average.

Your sponsorship is a donation that you can fully deduct from your taxes. Please note the regulations in your canton of residence. This PDF also deals with the topic of donations and taxes.

With your sponsorship, you support effective, local aid projects for the education of children or young people from Africa or Asia (see project information). The projects are implemented in partnership with local aid organizations. At the same time you support CO-OPERAID as an aid organization active for the children's right to education. You support our entire work - project work, fundraising and communication. Among other things, you thereby enable the mobilization of further support and thus an even greater impact.

CO-OPERAID has carried the ZEWO seal of approval since 1998. This certifies that donations are used economically, effectively and for the intended purpose. It is only awarded to transparent organizations with functioning internal and external control structures.