Uganda: Education for youth in business oriented farming


About the «Aradu Pi Fur» aid project

The «Aradu Pi Fur» project addresses 600 vulnerable youths (15-25 years) and their families in the remote district Zombo in the northwest of Uganda. Their life is affected by poverty and in many families, even food security is not given. The few educational establishments are in a bad way. This situation denies opportunities especially to the youth from poor families to build a secure and independent life.

The goal of «Aradu Pi Fur» Project is therefore to increase income from business oriented farming and thus to improve the livelihoods for these vulnerable youths and their families. 1 vocational training institute and 20 local resource persons provide market-oriented courses in poultry, piggery, apiary and horticulture. As a multiplier effect, youths share the learned skills in sustainable and diversified farming with further community members.

After graduation, the youths are organised into 24 youth farmers groups for peer support, knowledge transfer and product marketing. Through successive transformation, the first district-wide cooperative society is being built up out of interested youth farmer groups. Through the cooperative, youths can additionally benefit from group purchasing, pooled risks, reduced expenses and shared ownership.

In order to bring all relevant agricultural stakeholders together, 1 agro-partner network is supported in the district. While the cooperative society acts as centre for transfer of new knowledge and agro technology to farmers, the agro partner network strengthens the farmer’s opportunities in the district and enhance information exchange regarding market and job opportunities for youths.

CHF 50 for course materials for local instructors

Uganda Lehrmeister Landwirtschaft

CHF 100 for chicken for a graduate


CHF 200 for the training of one youth

Uganda Lehrling Landwirtschaft

Impacts and results

600 Youth


20-24 Youth Farmer Groups


1 Vocational Training Institute


20 Local Instructors



Okello Byron is a youth from Atyak sub county. He is the oldest of 7 siblings. When his father died, he was still a child, but he had to leave school to earn money for his family. Today, he is self employed, rearing poultry. Okello is earning good income from integrated farm enterprises e.g. rearing poultry intermixed with growing tomatoes as well training other youths.


Okello Byron, 18 Jahre