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About the «Ujuzi Kwa Vijana» aid project for young people in Kenya

The «Ujuzi Kwa Vijana» aid project focuses on young people that formerly lived on the streets in Kitale / Kenya. It supports the entry into the workforce of 25 young women and helps them to establish their own businesses so that they can become independent, take responsibility for their lives, and help their young ones.

In July 2017, our local partner organisation Child Rescue Kenia (CRK) started an aid preparatory program. The objective of this program was to reintegrate young people living on the streets and give them better prospects for the future. CRK social workers and educators visit the areas where young people live on the streets in order to mobilize them to change their situation. The next step is to reintegrate them into normal life by forming associations to support them.

CO-OPERAID’s pilot project (starting date: June 2018) aims to work with 25 of the most promising young people who also show entrepreneurial skills. These young people will go through an intense training phase (3 months’ training plus 9 months’ placement). The skills training that is undertaken in the project is designed to help them find employment or set up their own business (self-employment/entrepreneurship). The associations will remain as a place for them to find support. Within the associations skills can be exchanged and learning/failings observed. The aim is also to help the young people come up with business solutions and bid successfully for government start-up funding .

Impacts and results

25 youth

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1 vocational institute

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20-24 associations

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A beneficiary tells

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«I am the first-born in my family and have two siblings. We are orphans and I am a single mother of one child. I have completed my secondary education. My vision is to be a professional hairdresser. I am really encouraged because I now have hope that I can finally be independent and support my siblings and my child.»

Salome Wangari Wangeci, 26 years old
Kenya Vocational Training
Kenya Vocational Training
Kenya Vocational Training
Kenya Vocational Training
Kenya Vocational Training
Kenya Vocational Training
Kenya Vocational Training

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