Please donate for poor families affected by the crisis

Corona Nothilfe Minderheiten in Bangladesch

The consequences of the Corona crisis and the war in Ukraine have drastic consequences for people in poor countries. With your help, CO-OPERAID stands by the affected families.

The governments of underdeveloped countries are unable to replace lost wages, create aid packages for the economy, or comprehensively subsidize everyday goods. CO-OPERAID helps families in our project regions through these difficult times. The reduction of school costs is currently the main focus.

Together with its local partner relief organizations, which are anchored in the region, CO-OPERAID can provide rapid assistance. One urgent concern is to ensure that all children can attend school. Because the cost of education weighs on families, countless children are no longer in school or are at risk of dropping out. Girls, in particular, must be helped to continue attending school. Thank you very much for making urgent help possible through your donation!

This is why CO-OPERAID, together with its local project partners, wants to provide aid. Thanks to our existing local network right down to the grassroots, directly to the families of the school communities, we can reach the people quickly and unbureaucratically.

CHF 30 for school materials

Friends of CO-OPERAID Classroom

CHF 50 for school meals

Bangladesch Schulmahlzeit

CHF 80 for poorest families

Nothilfe für Familien in Zombo Uganda

When the household budget is not enough for the necessities of life, school costs become prohibitive. Countless poor families and their children find themselves in this situation. CO-OPERAID therefore promotes school attendance for children from the poorest families. We provide school materials, school uniforms and facilitate school fees. The return of all children to school, respectively the retention in school is central for the development of poor regions in the future. Above all, girls, who are increasingly involved in family work in times of economic hardship, should remain in school.

Schulkinder Kambodscha Danke

The work of CO-OPERAID promotes the entry of young people into the labor market. Our cooperation with vocational schools and the vocational course offerings that make our projects possible have become even more important. We specifically support marginalized social groups - young people from slums, from socially weak families or members of ethnic minorities - so that they can earn a living through their training. Some of them find employment and many start their own small businesses. Knowledge and skills help the beneficiary young people to develop resilience to crisis situations.