Drought at the horn of africa: our help in East Pokot, Kenya

Hunger in East Pokot, Kenia: Schulmahlzeit

The horn of Africa experiences the most severe drought since 40 years. About 36 million persons (Swiss Solidarity) are affected. The increasing food prices and shortage of food as a consequence of the war of Russia against Ukraine accelerates the crises.

The East Pokot sub-district in Baringo county in western Kenya, named after the Pokot ethnicity, is one of the highly underdeveloped regions of Kenya. In May 2022 the situation in East Pokot seemed to improve as some long desired rains were falling. However, the rains were short and too little to overcome the effects of the dry months that started in 2020 already. As of today, severe vegetation deficits and water shortage in the vast area of the Pokot communities have led to high livestock mortality. The herders have to sell their livestock for dumping prices. They cannot buy or find food anymore. The families cannot be sure anymore to enjoy at least one meal every day.

In cooperation with its local partner organization Hifadhi Africa (also see Wanafunzi Wa Pokot education project), CO-OPERAID started a relief campaign. Our aim is to support 2’400 households, 1’900 kindergarten students, 250 children under 5 years, 80 pregnant women/young mothers and 12 primary schools and their students (school meals). Maize, rice and salt is provided.

Thank you so much for your generous donation for this emergency aid!

Hunger in East Pokot, Kenia: Lebensmittelabgabe
Lebensmittelabgabe in East Pokot, Kenia