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Corona Nothilfe Minderheiten in Bangladesch

The Corona crisis has long since reached Kenya, Uganda, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Laos. CO-OPERAID has therefore decided to launch a Corona emergency aid project in its project areas. Fortunately, the health effects in the project countries have so far been minimal. The feared rapid spread of the corona virus as a result of narrow spatial conditions did not occur (status end of April). The economic consequences, however, hit the people in the poor countries hard. Their governments are not able to compensate for lost wages or to put together aid packages for the economy, as is the case in Switzerland.

This is why CO-OPERAID, together with its local project partners, wants to provide aid. Thanks to our existing local network right down to the grassroots, directly to the families of the school communities, we can reach the people quickly and unbureaucratically.

CHF 30 for kids to join school again

Friends of CO-OPERAID Classroom

CHF 50 to make a new start

Bangladesch Schulmahlzeit

CHF 80 for daily life needs

Nothilfe für Familien in Zombo Uganda

Help through everyday goods which the families can no longer afford, e.g. soap, fuel. Trade and commerce have collapsed as a result of government measures (photo: closed local market in Zombo, Uganda). The farmers can no longer sell their products and have no money to buy essential goods.

Corona Nothilfe geschlossener Markt in Zombo, Uganda
Alte Menschen Bangladesch

Start-up aid for the reconstruction of income projects, both in agriculture (seeds/seedlings, animals) and in self-employment in trade (loans). CO-OPERAID has made numerous such projects possible for the poorest families in the school communities (Photo: Pig farming in Bangladesh). In addition, we have promoted the self-employment of graduates of vocational courses. These initiatives are now under serious threat.

Assistance to partner schools: additional support for school children at risk of dropping out (school scholarships, distribution of school materials). If even the essential goods can no longer be procured, school costs are all the more difficult to cover. We also want to offer support in the area of hygiene and sanitary facilities at the schools.

Schulkinder Kambodscha Danke