Uganda: skills training for women and girls affected by gender based violence

Frauenhilfe in Uganda

“Nyonga Skilling Initiative” project in Jinja, Eastern Uganda, provides assistance to the victims of physical and structural violence. With the aim of protecting women and their children, our partner organisation Women’s Rights Initiative (WORI) runs the only women’s shelter in the region for about 90 victims per year. Our project makes a tangible contribution to their economic independence. A range of vocational courses aim to equip the women and girls with skills to earn an income as well as providing them with supplies and credit. The project also realises an organic farm that will serve for training in agriculture and at the same time for food provision for the shelter.

Gender-based violence is widespread in Uganda. Every other woman aged 15 and over has experienced physical violence either from her partner or elsewhere. In the project region of Busoga 26% of women and 9% of men have been subject to sexual violence. In order to sensitise the young generation the project cooperates with primary schools and aims to raise awareness and contribute to change.

CHF 50 for the training of one participant

Computerkurs Uganda Mädchen

CHF 100 for the salary of an instructor

Lehrmeisterin in Uganda

CHF 150 for starting an own shop

Nähgeschäft Uganda

Frauengruppe in Uganda

The overall goal is "Empowering the victims of gender-specific violence." The project complements the services of the Nyonga women shelter by its education impulse, that allows an improved economic situation and therefore more independence. The project facilitates the access to the job market and self-employment.

WORI's (The Women’s Rights Initiative; women's shelter is an important institution of the region. WORI constructed the shelter and opened it in 2019. It is one of the few places where victims are cared of and the biggest shelter in Eastern Uganda. It can host 25 adults and 15 children. Our partner project allows the purchase of land and the set up of an organic farm. It will contribute the big part of the food for the shelter and at the same time offer trainings in modern agriculture.

Nyonga Frauenhaus in Jinja Uganda
Sensiblisierung gegen Gewalt Uganda

The project cooperates with partner primary schools. It organises events against gender-based violence that aim for awareness among students and teachers and a contribution of the young generation to problem solving.


The project will be implemented during 2 years, from January 2021 to December 2022. In this period it will start an organic farm and set up skills trainings including practical training in local shops. 

The project aims to serve 1'200 persons directly - victims of gender based violence and their families and students. Indirectly many more inhabitants of the project region will benefit through sensitisation and information dispersion.

Gender-based violence is a very urgent problem in Uganda. 50% of women and girls suffer from gender-based violence. In Eastern Region the problem with 74% is biggest. It is a very serious social issue. However services and aid is sparse. From government side there is little action taken. Mostly NGO's set up programmes for victims and try to improve the social situation.

WORI is a women’s rights organisation based in Jinja ( It was founded in 2007 by three young Ugandan women (Annet Nanyonga, Rebecca Mulembe & Rose Kigere) in response to widespread poverty and reluctance to improve women’s rights. WORI has been registered as a national NGO since 2012. WORI is a grassroot initiative of civil society for social change and therefore an important actor in Uganda.