Uganda: environmental education in Zombo

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About the "Eco Pesa" project

In the agricultural district of Zombo in north-west Uganda, environmental damage is becoming increasingly noticeable (erosion, declining soil fertility, loss of forest and wetlands). At the same time, there is a lack of awareness and practical solutions for environmentally friendly behavior. The "Eco Pesa" (Swahili for "eco-money") project responds to the multiple challenges with a holistic approach. This consists of awareness raising for school children and adults, practical training on wood consumption and agriculture, and income generation from environmentally friendly products. The overall goal is to promote environmental protection in a way that saves resources while improving the living conditions of the population. The project primarily reaches school children, youth and women's groups.

CHF 50 to support an eco youth group

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CHF 80 for environment friendly cooking

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CHF 100 for public information events

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Awareness is raised at four project schools and through public events. Around 1,500 children of all ages will be addressed at the schools. Four environmental clubs are formed to join the environmental network, which is also active in other regions of Uganda. Public events address environmental degradation and demonstrate practices such as reforestation and the use of alternative energy sources.

Youth and women's groups are trained in the construction, use, and maintenance of energy-efficient cooking stoves for home use. The cookstoves use 60% less wood. Also a solar stove prototype is being tested. This is accompanied by training in the manufacture and use of cooking baskets in which pre-cooked meals are cooked. Another solution is the production of charcoal dust briquettes and herbal soap, which even children can do.

The project is setting up four sales stores to sell energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products. Members of the youth and women's groups are trained in entrepreneurship and subsequently run these outlets. Four tree nurseries will be established, each of which will grow approximately 6,000 trees.

Establishment of tree nurseries for reforestation

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Wood saving cooking

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Sales stores for eco products

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