Cambodia: young people create social start-ups

JungunternehmerInnen in Siam Reap

Siem Reap province in northern Cambodia is a poorly developed region with few educational opportunities and little economic diversification. Most people live from subsistence agriculture. Other job opportunities are almost only available in the tourism sector, which collapsed completely during the pandemic. Many workers lost their jobs and livelihoods.

Together with our partner PEPY, we offer support and guidance for young people with a good business idea but few resources. YISI project allows them to found and develop their own start-up. The young entrepreneurs develop business ideas on social and ecological challenges in the region. One of the aims is to create good jobs in other economic sectors than tourism.

The YISI programme supports young entrepreneurs with social and environmental business ideas with courses in "social entrepreneurship" & "IT for business". This provides them with knowledge on what to consider when developing a business plan and founding a start-up.

The prospective business people are accompanied and supported by experienced mentors in the development of their business idea. Businesses to be founded need to have a high probability of success in the market. The ideas are presented to a jury, which selects and awards the best ones.

The path to a successful business is paved with a multitude of challenges. In order to master these successfully, it is important to exchange ideas with the right people and thus to be able to continuously educate oneself. The project makes this possible with formats such as a trade fair, business talks or an alumni network.