Cambodia: skills training for decent work

Berufsbildung für Jugendliche in Kambodscha

Tepkosal» project («Skills» in Khmer language) provides vocational skills in Kampong Chhnang town, Cambodia. Kampong Chhnang province as a whole is rural and educational opportunities, specifically on secondary education and skills training, are limited. Most of the youths, after primary school or after 1-2 years of secondary school, start to work as unskilled labourers. Due to the inadequate level of education they are vulnerable to unemployment or precarious work.

«Tepkosal» aims to meet this risk by giving them the skills necessary to improve their life quality through fair and decent work or self-employment. Project partners are three schools in Kampong Chhang that start skills trainings with the aid of the project. The families of most supported youths are farmers. They are not familiar with the business world. Therefore, a business training is included in the project that is specifically important for the trainees that plan to become self-employed. The project assists the students in finding employment or starting their own shop.

CHF 50 for one youth to attend a course

Kambodscha Berufskurs Schönheitspflege

CHF 80 for course consumables

Kambodscha Berufskurse Coiffeuse

CHF 100 for tools of trade after graduation

Berufskurs Schneiderin, Kambodscha

The project offers vocational training in three institutions in Kampong Chhnang town. During 8 to 9 months the students are trained in beauty salon, masonry, welding, or mechanical skills. The responsible local NGO is SOFDEC. The institutional partners are Bright Hope Institute (BHI), Kampong Chhnang Youth Centre and Bunrany Hun Sen Roleapha-er High School. A total of 110 students are trained. The trainings include theoretical knowledge and practical application in workshops of the schools or attached to businesses. Trainings of this kind are new for the partner institutions and therefore have a pilot character.

The project assists the students in finding employment or starting their own business. The project links students with local companies who seek to employ skilled workers. Those who wish to become self-employed can be granted small loans. These new businesses are accompanied by the project until they are well established.

110 youths in skills trainings

Kambodscha Berufsbildung Lehrlinge

1 youth center

Youth Center in Kampong Chhnang, Kambodscha

1 public high school

Team Bunrany Hun Sen Roleapha-er High School, Kambodscha

1 private school

Bright Hope Institute in Kampong Chhnang, Kambodscha