Bangladesch: Help for women and girls

Hero Dakkha

Vocational training, integration and the protection of women and girls in Bangladesh

Dakkha Nari project («Dakkhata O Khamatai Nari» – «Skilled and empowered women») supports a very vulnerable group of beneficiaries in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) in Bangladesh – women and girls of ethnic minorities (‘Hill Tribes’). It offers vocational training and supports women to start their own businesses. The women are from economically deprived families and many have become victims of violence. Gender based violence (GBV) within household (domestic violence), often related with alcoholism, and also outside within the communities is an urgent problem in the project area.

The Bengali society as well and the hill tribes offer little rights to women. Women work hard, but still mostly don’t own anything outright or are entitled to have a say within their families or the community.  Many girls are married off at an early age and often have their first children before they have reached the age of 20. This is also a main reason why education is not a priority for them. In order to address this inequality the project aims to strengthen the position of women and girls through offering vocational training as well as raising awareness about GBV, equality and women empowerment in the community. The project is implemented by the local NGO Ananya Kallyan Sangathon (AKS), one of the leading actors for women rights in the project area.

Impacts and results

110 girls, women and young mothers complete vocational training courses

Berufskurse als Chance für Veränderung

340 individuals form watch and peer groups

Die Rechte müssen eingefordert werden

590 women and girls become part of saving groups

Spargruppen und Solidarische Hilfe

Main goals of the project in Bangladesh

Selbstbewusssein fördern

A secure and dignified life

A safe life in dignity through social and economic empowerment of women and girls who are affected by gender based violence (GBV).

Vocational training and business skills

Women and adolescent girls are capacitated with vocational skills in for example tailoring, Mobile-phone repair or Computer skills. They receive training to start small businesses, start saving groups that can make small investments. The aim is that socially and economically deprived families reach a higher level of autonomy.

Durch die Stärkung der Frau vollzieht sich Veränderung in der Gesellschaft
Würdevolles Leben

Sensitisation and equality

Through sensitisation of the topic of “gender based violence” the safety of women is increased, their position in society is strengthened which leads to the prevention of further atrocities.


The project started in July 2018 und runs until June 2020. CO-OPERAID works since the 90s in Bangladesh. With this project we focus for the first time on the topic of “women’s right and education” exclusively. Your donation, the contribution of your organisation or company or any other support is warmly appreciated.

The training takes place in vocational training centres in the capital district town of Bandarban, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Southeast-Bangladesh.

The direct beneficiaries are around 110 girls, women and young mothers that will complete the vocational training and take part in the business skills courses. Furthermore 590 members will become part of the saving groups, 340 will join the watch and peer groups and about 2’000 will participate in the awareness trainings. Around 3‘500 community members will indirectly benefit from the programme.

The minorities of the CHT are a discriminated and very poor population. The hill tribes are still deprived from their right to the land of their fathers. Land grabbing in favour of the Bengali settlers and companies as well as violence against the hill tribes is a common occurrence. The different minorities have their own traditions and customs but all of them are united in a patriarchal social organisation. Women and girls therefore are the most deprived group in the project area.

Ananya Kallyan Sangathon (AKS) is one of the pioneering organisation in Bandarban focusing on women’s rights. AKS is a woman led, woman managed, non-political development organisation in the CHT that was established on May 2, 1997.