Laos: Schools for Mangkong and Phouthai children

Kinder in Laos

«Honghian Ban Hao» («Our village school») aid project supports the establishment of child friendly primary schools in rural Atsaphone district of Laos. Mostly poor farmer families of the Phouthai and Mangkong ethnic minorities live in the remote project region. The project primarily serves the children of these families.

Laos's development is far behind that of its neighbours Thailand, Vietnam and even Cambodia. Education in particular is at a low level. Only one third of women are literate, and an estimated 40% of the adult population have never attended school. For children of ethnic minorities in rural areas a number of very basic schools were established, but they offer little quality and therefore little chances to actually learn. In order to let minorities and the rural population participate in the social process and the development of the country better education is an urgent need. 

The project improves facilities and school grounds (play, sports) but at the same time focuses on the quality of education. It introduces child-friendly school criteria that improve the teaching and learning process. The teachers at 12 partner schools are supported with trainings and guidance. New ideas and new motivation is reinforced (annual price for best lessons). Extra-curricular activities for the students make school more attractive and more fun. Public school events, school materials distribution and the integration of parents' committees promote the value of education.

CO-OPERAID realises projects by building networks of locally rooted, responsible actors. «Honghian Ban Hao» project was planned in partnership with the Lao NGO ARMI (Association for Rural Mobilisation and Improvement). Two more local NGOs provide services. Art school and vocational school of Savannakhet contribute artistic and handicraft services. The community representatives and school teams play a vital role. Education authorities are involved with regular exchange and evaluation.

800 school children per year


12 primary schools


About 1000 families per year

Zwei Schulkinder in Laos
Neues Schulhaus in Laos
Laos Education for minorities
Laos Education for minorities
Laos Education for minorities
Laos Education for minorities
Laos Education for minorities